Is There a Way Out? written by Haboon Hashi

“In my life, religion was not just the belief in God. It was the glue that bound me and everyone around me on a deeper level. But what does one do when faith does not exist? Will everything crash? ”

Is There a Way Out? is Haboon Hashi’s debut book. It’s been a fantastic collaboration, and we’re incredibly proud of the results, a whimsical and personal approach to the dilemmas that arise when the doubt grows in you. She tells of being a little girl with «a pain in the heart,» about faith, doubt, and the imam who had no answers to her questions. She shares her first crush, and the horror of being in a girlfriend. The story leads to the most important thing of all, to gather enough courage to open up to the most important person in her life: Mom.

The book can be downloaded as a PDF


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